Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Passion.

I thought I would share (with ya'll that don't already know) about one of the more important things in my life. Surprising or not, my secret passion is racing!

Some back history -- I grew up watching racing, so it has been there my whole life. when I was little, it was mainly NASCAR... watching the major stock cars race on the TV, and occasionally going to the races themselves. I went to races in Charlotte, NC - Dover, DE - Pocano, PA. and then as I got older, it kind of fell to the waist side because we got too busy to go camping (plus, the regular NASCAR just got way too political... still is actually! ha)

About my sophomore or junior year of high school, family friends of ours started taking me to Grandview Speedway, which is a 1/3 mile dirt track which was only about 20 minutes from my house. We had another friend of the family who raced there who is the same age as I am, Johnny Favinger. and it was love at first... green flag :) and I have been going ever since, 4 years later!

see more information on the speedway:

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